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2019 Mundwazi sourcebook Ankur rpg

ANKUR - "Land of the first people"

is a game setting supplement for the tabletop role-playing game ANKUR. The book details the city-states of Kumat, Meluha, and Zimbabwe; located in the continent of Mundwazi (Africa). The book introduces new professions, skills, and weapons to help make characters from this setting more unique. Inside you'll also find a host of new creatures, places of interest, NPCs, organizations and adventure hooks that will help GMs immerse their players in this expanded world. 

What's New?

The people and lands of the African continent (Mundwazi) will be detailed within the ANKUR game world.

The goal of CMG is to create a supplement for ANKUR that details the people and environment of Mundwazi (Africa). I will pull from real-world African mythologies & customs and add a sci-fi twist to create, what is sure to be, a great setting to adventure in. The first ANKUR book primarily detailed the region of Shinar (middle-east). The plan is to eventually provide detailed supplements for all the continents & sub-continents (Africa, India, Asia, the Americas, and Australia) within the game world. 

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